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What We Do

We at , Xurveykshan aim to provide our clients with a real time, precise and excellent quality service when it comes to their survey , market research, data collection, data analysis needs, with our highly advanced mobile applications and highly trained field surveyors. With the elections fast approaching, we understand the urgent need and the importance of quality data analysis for your electoral constituencies, in order for you to work on creating effective campaigning strategies, which would in turn yield maximum number of votes. We also facilitate NGOs ,marketer,public relation firms, colleges, other organizations to conduct survey and market research based on their specific need .

Xurveykshan - #1 Survey And Market Research Company In India

Political Survey Opinion Poll


Political parties depend on the mass inclination of voters and thus usually are looking for ways to determine the direction in which their votes may sway; Our expert political survey services provide the perfect avenue to determine the opinion. From drafting a survey questionnaire that produces results that are useful and free of bias, to our proven survey methodology that delivers accurate and reliable results, Xurveykshan is the full survey service firm ready to deliver the data to help bring success to your campaign.

Political Parties Survey

Opinion Poll, Exit Poll Surveys

Household Surveys, Socio-Economic Surveys

Field Data Collection

Voter Canvassing, Door-to-Door Poll Analysis Survey

Market Research

Xurveykshan has expertise in qualitative and quantitative marketing data collection and analysis. Our proficient in-house marketing research team will give answers to your critical business questions and queries. Our marketing research services include:

Brand Research, Product Research, Consumer Research

Business-to-Business Research.

Strategic Research, Shopper Research

Brand / product / service launch


Market Research

The Tool We Use


Forget the conventional pen and paper method which is not only time consuming but also often unreliable and join hands with us to be a part of the new age data collection and analysis revolution. Here at Xurveykshan, we have developed mobile application for collecting exactly and precisely what you need.Now we conduct interviews or survey virtually anywhere, anytime from mobile devices capturing real time and accurate data. Check out some key features of our product below.

Complex Question Design
Multi-Lingual Support
GPS and Time Tracking
Offline Data Collection
Question Skip Logic
CSV and XL Data

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Complex Question Design

The system is very easy to use. With our system, you can design complex questionnaire scenarios with no effort. The Survey builder offers advanced features for handling logic including validation, branching, looping.

Offline Data Collection

Can’t be online for some reason? No issues;We understand how not every city and every place can have uninterrupted internet services at all times and so our app saves all the data even when the device is offline. This data can then be uploaded and saved on cloud whenever surveyor go online.

Multi-lingual Support

India is a land of varied cultures and languages and we, at Xurveykshan, salute this spirit of “Unity in diversity” by having a system that’s multi lingual in its compatibility. You can create survey in a variety of languages as per your need.

Question Skip Logic

You can customize the next question that is displayed in your survey based upon a respondents’ answers.Xurveykshan App, allows you to create complex, branched surveys with very easy user interfaces.

GPS and Time Tracking

While surveyor conduct your survey, the App records the GPS co ordinates and time, making the data analysis, more easier and more convenient for your benefit; Thus, provides a bird’s eye view of the area covered.

CSV and XL Data

Easily available downloads, supported by various formats like .docx, Excel, pdf, etc which provide ease of access.

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