Our Process


Need assessment

The first step of our MO is a profound assessment of your needs as our client. A group of expert staff members will set up a meeting with you for a detailed discussion regarding your expectations, needs and requirements to create a blueprint of the action to be taken, including the survey format and the most suitable form of assessment for your specific assignment.


The next obvious step is the designing of a Questionnaire draft based on the initial assessment of your needs, which is then presented to you for further suggestions and demands, which are then incorporated to create the final copy of the same. A well constructed questionnaire is half the battle won, when it comes to any survey process. The right questions backed by well written and carefully calculated answers can provide for an accurate survey result, which is exactly what we at Xurveykshan promise to deliver.

Field Data Collection

The third step in providing the best survey experience to our customers includes our real time, on site data collection. A team of professionals are sent to the job site along with the entire paraphernalia of gadgets and the questionnaire required to collect accurate and precise answers. The data collected is then stored in our database along with the time and place logged in.

Data Processing

During data collection phase, we keep our eyes on every data set being recorded.This decreases the probability of blank or wrong data being collected. Even if for some reason, some blank or wrong data is collected , we get it fixed with the help of surveyor and respondent.
         The open questions often require manual coding. Closed questions usually have their answers coded automatically. In some cases, computer programmes have to be written to remove unwanted data and retain the wanted ones.

Data Analysis On Key Points and Report Generation

The clean dataset is then analyzed to produce the information required by survey sponsors(client), such as totals, averages, population estimates, and cross-tabulations. Statistical analysis is a broad area and hence analysis is done as per the need of the client.A report is generated from the data in which we raise the key points and show them in different formats.Also we share raw data in different formats like xlxs, csv. and spss files which the client can use for further analysis and record.